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Oral Curriculum and Strategies for the Classroom

Date: 14 Aug 2017
₹ 2,700.00

3 students enrolled

Oral language is a primary natural skill. It is a need based skill. In this workshop we will explore the ways by which human beings generate speech, and create opportunities and curriculum to enhance thinking, speaking and listening.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Understanding how humans learn language through listening and speaking.
  • Creating the motivation to speak, and speaking in complete sentences.
  • Organs of speech
  • Phonetics and the connection between speaking & reading
  • Interactive methods to foster oral skills including structure drill practice, games and audio visuals
  • Methods to create fluency & ways to enrich oral vocabulary
  • Idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs
  • Formal English and slang
  • How to correct or not to correct mistakes
  • How first generation learners work with oral work
  • The necessity for a viva in testing
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