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Spelling with Ease

Date: 14 Aug 2017
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10 students enrolled

We stand at a cusp where spelling is being made redundant by spell-checks; and yet it is used profusely because children write manually for their examinations, to make notes and to do their homework. So spelling still matters.

Spelling is a system which follows a pattern that is mostly logical. The exceptions cause confusion. Memorising word lists, worksheets and random rote learning often causes problems and lags.

If children are exposed to patterns in spelling they will have more confidence in being able to recognize these in the words they encounter. Rather than relying solely on memory, spelling will be far more accessible through logic by understanding how the basic units of spelling combine. It’s verbal engineering!

To this end it is important to use a variety of approaches to spelling. This workshop will focus on:

  1. Understanding how the language works
  • Alphabets, vowels and vowel sounds, diphthongs, sound-to-sight connections.
  • How consonant blends, vowels, and end words can be combined to create several hundred common words.
  • Chunking, syllabification, compound words, homophones, prefix, suffix, word building, word expansion and field vocabulary will be demonstrated.
  • Phonic and whole word methods of spelling.
  1. Various teaching strategies, methods and activities that are practical
  • Classroom based programme to get children to generate words from patterns.
  • Rules of spelling and their moderate use.
  • The holistic approach of layering reading, writing and dictation as reinforcement strategies.
  • Grids to help the teacher support learning activities in the classroom.
  1. Various types of tests and remediation strategies
  • What makes a good test of spelling?
  • Various ways to correct.
  • Types of errors and specific remediation strategies using visual, auditory and kinesthetic
  • Practical work in identification and remediation by teachers.
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