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Workshop of the Month

Creative Writing Class

The Creative Writing Class at Mindsprings is a unique opportunity designed to help students use effective practices and strategies to shine in school.
Thanks to the comprehensive model designed by Mrs Usha Pandit, students will have the opportunity to pay attention to ideas, structures, and vocabulary in the craft of writing.

Writer's Quill

At Mindsprings, creative writing is thought by a teacher aand a text book writer – Usha Pandit. Her book “Writing with ease” has been called the Wren and Martin of writing, and is used widely by teachers of writing in schools. She is a teacher’s teacher and does workshops in creative writing for teachers pan India.

So how are we different

We do various genres, vocabulary building, grammatical sentence constructions and advanced ideation which all teachers must do. But we give feedback that is unique. Our corrections are not done as proof reading or underlining of mistakes, but pointing our integral flaws and correcting them with clear achievable alternatives. The skill is in being able to see the issues immediately and knowing what to do with them. This aspect is absent in most writing classes. The ambiance in the class is related, enjoyable, lots of good humor, gentle encouragement and superb results. We want you to do 30 weeks through the year with us in order yo make sure children have sustained practice and their efforts are not half-baked. Fee amount: Rs. 20,000 plus GST of 18% for an entire academic year.

Terms & Condiitions

  • All cheques to be made in favour of “Minsprings”.
  • Fees should be paid to us before commencement of the student’s first class.
  • Student must complete their 25 classes within one academic year. No missed class will be compensated for.
  • For the safety of your child please ensure that they are dropped at the doorstep and received by our staff. similarly please ensure the same at the time of pick up.
  • By signing on this document you agree to allow Mindsrings to use any photograph/video taken during the class attended by your child on any Mindspring promotional & marketing material or social media pages.