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Mindsprings is pleased to launch the path-breaking “Educate, Enrich and Empower English” course, a practical long-distance instructional programme for currently practicing English teachers. Our four month program has been designed to achieve the following benefits:

a) hone classroom skills
b) employ methods that are progressive and contemporary
c) elevate the teacher as a knowledge worker and mentor of the future
d) create a competent and progressive English department for the school

The duration of the programme is deliberately kept short at 3 months (12 weeks) in which the school is expected to chalk out 8 weeks of joint study in the school for a total of 48 hours. Teachers will do a further study in the own time of 12 hours and a total of 40 hours of practicum in the classroom. The program will culminate in the Mindsprings Certification for the teacher.

This programme is designed to create differential improvement in students from all Boards. Built on the Mindsprings' pedagogy in English, teacher training experiences throught India & practical experience with children from a range of backgrounds, abilities and advantages- this course is relevant to all Boards- IB. IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE and State Boards.

Doesn't it sound exciting? Find out more by writing to archana.natraj@mindsprings.in for a detailed prospectus.

The Course begins on July 15. Registrations Open NOW!