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Grammar with Ease – Introduction

‘Grammar with Ease’ – an easy-to-follow grammar reference book for juniors studying in grades 1 to 5. It was created in response to a need for clarity on basic grammatical concepts and patterns. Grammar is a great instructional tool for writing and error correction, so the study of grammar is a significant part of the English language learning process.

 Often grammar books write rules in starchy language and have inadequate examples.  Lack of links between concepts, and overlaps in functions are not addressed and this creates confusion in the study of grammar. Furthermore, items are not graded to be taught with a long term view of what the child will require for future study.

This book addresses these problems. It is designed to support the child and its caregivers in getting an umbrella view with simple definitions and clear examples. It is kept simple so that children in junior schools learn as much as they need to, but with a keen eye on keeping their foundations strong and clear.

‘Grammar with Ease’ is an excellent companion book for the series ‘Language with Ease’  Grade 1 -8. The series operates on the principle of frequency in making children practice grammar briefly but daily, and linking their study fruitfully to spoken language and creative writing. The series is being taught in some of the best schools in the country and has revolutionized the successful study of grammar.

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