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Grammar with Ease – Section of the book

  1. Basic parts of speech with poem.
  2. Articles
  3. The Word pyramid – from the humble letter to the mighty text.
  4. Nouns – definition, types, gender, number, possessive rules, verbals.
  5. Adjectives – definition, types, verbals.
  6. Verbs – definition, subject and predicate, simple and compound, tense and time, primary verbs, regular and irregular, imposters, finite and non-finite, subject verb agreement, modals, tags, transitive and intransitive, active and passive, conditional verbs, phrasal verbs, idioms and proverbs.
  7. Adverbs – definition, types.
  8. Pronouns – definition, rules, types.
  9. Preposition – definition, uses and examples.
  10. Conjunctions – definition, uses, coordinating and subordinating.
  11. Interjections – definition and examples.
  12. Direct and Indirect speech – definition, change, punctuation rules, reported speech.
  13. Punctuation and capitalisation – symbols, names, uses.
  14. Words, Phrases, Clauses, Sentences to Paragraphs – definitions and examples; subject object and complement; types of sentences, key ideas and supporting sentences; how to paragraph, sequencing.
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