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Grammar with Ease

The ‘Grammar with Ease Junior Digest’ for primary school grades 1 to 5  is a book that brings to children a complete handbook of child-friendly grammar that can be used as a reference for understanding grammatical patterns and conventions in speech and in writing. 

This book offers an umbrella view of grammar. It provides simple definitions and clear examples. It seeks to demystify the complexity of grammar and provides links to different parts of grammatical study. Items have been carefully selected to ensure that children do not lose clarity and do not get enmeshed in advanced grammar study, the details of which are unnecessary at the primary school level.

The secret of grammar study lies in understanding the functionality of words. Therefore, I have tried to make sure that the child can identify the exact ‘work’ that a word or a phrase does in a sentence. This will give him/her the power to label it. Grammar is essentially the labelling of language and understanding of words, their order, links and patterns. By diminishing its mystique, I have tried to reduce the fear of Grammar.

The book has been designed to help the child and his/her caregivers to be more organized in thought, to feel supported in the study of grammar, and to be practically empowered in the use of English.

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