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Workshop of the Month

Grammar With Ease


The ‘Grammar with Ease Junior Digest’ for primary school grades 1 to 5  is a book that brings to children a complete handbook of child-friendly grammar that can be used as a reference for understanding grammatical patterns and conventions in speech and in writing. 

The book has been designed to help the child and his/her caregivers to be more organized in thought, to feel supported in the study of grammar, and to be practically empowered in the use of English.


This is by far our most successful and popular workshop.

Ms. Usha Pandit’s revolutionary grammar teaching is effective and permanent. It veers away from the traditional linear grammar teaching patterns that have clearly failed to sustain understanding except in short term memory. Effective grammar teaching should create an impact on the child’s speech and writing. Moreover it must be enjoyable and engaging. It must be linked to usage, oral work and structure practice. This workshop provides a quick and effective overview of grammar. It discusses methods of teaching grammar effectively – sequential vs. layered techniques, using teaching sentences for better English usage, factoring in oral work into the grammar period and using grammar for better writing. The workshop will show you how to work with the resource book “Language with Ease”.


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