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Empowering English, Language with Ease and Writing with Ease are not just textbooks. They create a one-stop integrated system.

You are fully supported

Orientation for your Staff and English Department

Mindsprings will do 4 four-hour orientation about the philosophy and framework of Empowering English free of charge. This includes orienting you on how to do a book study, teach thematic poetry, do a daily grammar programme and improve spelling & writing systems.

Teacher Manuals

Our free Teacher Manuals completely scaffold and support the textbooks. They offer teachers a variety of suggested answers, explanatory notes, discussion points, researched links & videos. They help the teacher feel comfortable and confident in delivering this rigourous English curriculum.  The Manuals are exclusively given only to participating schools. Some manuals go up to a 100 pages in content.

For Language with Ease we have solutions to all questions and extra explanations for teachers.

One year of Online Support from Usha Pandit

We offer one year online support for your school and teachers. You can write to Usha Pandit with queries, suggestions, feedback, ask for ideas and strategies to effectively implement the curriculum. You can email, sms or use skype.

A Visit by Mindsprings: A health check to ensure smooth implementation 

We also visit the school once during the year to ensure that the teachers are comfortable implementing the books.  Outstation schools can avail of skype facilities to have meetings.

In addition to these complimentary services, we can help you gain proficiency in areas like Grammar, Spelling and Creative Writing through a series of paid English workshops.

At Mindsprings, we believe in supporting teachers 100% and are open to suggestions about providing even better services to them.

Together we can create excellence.

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