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Teacher Training Workshops

We have teacher training workshops on all possible segments of English teaching, on subject teaching pedagogy, on ancillary support like Art and Research in schools, on planning areas like classrooms and lesson plans, on support and directions in leadership for Principals. We have trained thousands of teachers over the last 7 years and our training has been acclaimed as being one of the best that can be had anywhere in the world. Teachers who train with our workshops have been known to find successive workshops repetitive and superfluous.

Workshops by Mrs. Usha Pandit

Sr. No. Name of Workshop  
1 Spelling with Ease  
2 Grammar with Ease  
3 Comprehension with Ease and with Insight  
4 Creative Writing / Writing with Ease  
5 Oral Curriculum and Strategies for the classroom  
6 Empowering English  
7 Poetry with Ease and Appreciation  
8 How to Teach Shakespeare  
9 Vocabulary enhancement  
10 Oral Language Skills for Pre-School Teachers  
11 Classroom Management  
12 Strategies on Lesson Planning  
13 Integrating Thinking Skills into the Curriculum  
14 Using Resources Effectively in the Teaching-Learning Process  
15 The Gifted Child  
16 Teaching English to First Generational Learners  
17 Differentiation  
18 Assessment with Ease  
19 Technology & Education  
20 Social Studies and the Inquiry method  
21 Research with Ease – Library Services  
22 Art appreciation and using art in the classroom  


Sr. No. Name of Workshop Date Speaker
1 Grammar with Ease 4 February Usha Pandit
2 Lesson Planning 18 February Usha Pandit
3 Oral Language Skills for Preschool Teachers 25 March Usha Pandit
4 Research with Ease – Using the Library as a Resource 8 April Usha Pandit
5 Oral Curriculum and Strategies for the Classroom 1 July Usha Pandit
6 Strategies for Classroom Management 19 August Usha Pandit
7 How to teach Shakespeare* 9 September Usha Pandit
8 Creative Writing 11 November Usha Pandit
9 Spelling with Ease 18 November Usha Pandit
10 Skills for Unseen Prose and Poetry 9 December Usha Pandit

Some of the Schools That We Have Conducted Workshops For:

  1. The Activity High School, Mumbai
  2. Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai
  3. Ajmera International School, Mumbai
  4. Chatrabhuj Narsee School, Mumbai
  5. D Y Patil International School, Mumbai
  6. Fazlani Ecole, Mumbai
  7. Green Lawns School, Mumbai
  8. Godrej Udaychal School, Mumbai
  9. The Hiranandani School, Powaii
  10. Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai
  11. MSB School, Mumbai
  12. The Navy Children School, Mumbai
  13. The Oasis International School, Bangalore
  14. One Up Library and Experience Centre, Amritsar
  15. The Pioneer Education School, Mumbai
  16. Podar World School, Santa Cruz
  17. The Podar Group of Schools
  18. Pranav International, Hyderabad
  19. Ramswaroop School, Lucknow
  20. Seth Jaipuria School, Lucknow
  21. The Shishuvan School, Mumbai

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