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Why “Empowering English”?

The One Stop Solution For All English Needs. The Future Is In English Proficiency

  1. Life Skills: The measure of success is often linked to language proficiency. Children need to express ideas and opinions clearly, write reports, argue points of view, discuss issues and persuade people.
  2. The Competitive Edge: Having superior English skills gives the user the competitive edge, whether it is to enter Ivy Leagues, get promotions based on business reports, enliven living room discussions or appreciate literature.
  3. The Learning Window: Language is best learnt in the school going years. Failure to maximize this learning window will create handicaps. Confidence in English needs to be built early in the practice of language skills.
  4. Freedom from Rote Learning: Children need to engage with and manipulate the language to gain proficiency in English. This empowers the learning of any subject that uses the medium. It frees the child from the shackles of rote learning.
  5. The Influence of Quality Materials: Good users of English are almost always those who read voraciously and hear fluently spoken language. Early exposure to large amounts of effective vocabulary, classic literature, authentic materials like newspapers, advertisements, songs, recipes, jokes etc, as part of learning materials, is invaluable.
  6. Raising The Bar: You raise the bar and children jump to reach it, you lower the bar and they crawl beneath it. This metaphor is true for the standards we set for children in achieving excellence in English.

It contains learning outcomes tables to show what each topic does for the child, with the rationales clearly worked out for the teacher.

A writing concept map is also provided mapping the writing tasks provided by the series in various genres.

It is brilliantly matched for IGCSE checkpoints and fulfils the needs of the discerning ICSE learner. It caters to the rigour required for the IGCSE and IB programmes, without abandoning our native cultural context. It offers the best of international practices and methodology at affordable Indian prices.

It is also well matched with CBSE and ICSE as all boards essentially want high competencies and skills.
It is ambitious for the children of India. It recognises the value of good English in the child’s future. Its philosophy is that we need to aim high than low. It has thinking questions. It creates competencies instead of rote learning. It is based on the best practices in international teaching at a very small price. You are buying a system, not a book.

The price of the books includes the teacher manuals, orientation, a year’s hand holding and review

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