Story of my pre primary book production..

Pre-primary books

Story of my pre primary book production..

This is the story of my Pre-Primary book production. November end 2019, I was let down badly by the last of the book designers who promised the stars and delivered zilch! I was close to shelving the project.

Come December, there appears on the scene, magically, a design guy – fickle, unreliable, shirking but supremely, wonderfully talented! I imprison him in my office, and we work like maniacs raving and ranting, biting the bullet. The books get designed in a record of 3 months of which one is wasted in the man’s procrastination. The books are ready for print in the raw by March 15th. We lockdown the office and soon the country is locked. Touch and go! Skin of the tooth timing!

Here I am in the picture, with 24 of them babies, (8 for each year) for the 3 foundation years. The last ones couldn’t be printed because of the lockdown. They got delivered just a few weeks ago after battles with containment zones. It’s a labour of pure love! Precious and miraculous! It was meant to be!

You will see the true spirit of holistic education of the NEP 2020 in them. The books for Pre-Primary children are: English Vocabulary & Literacy; Phonics Sight & Rhyme Reader; Numeracy & Logic, Environment; Culture & Science; Talking Pictures; Art & Construction; Stories for Critical Thinking; Oral Activities for Fluency. Set of 8 books each for 3+, 4+ and 5+ years. Nursery, Kindergarten or Pre-Primary years.

Stories, games, songs, clips, poems, critical thinking stories, art and construction work, science and STEM, oral fluency work, sight reading programme, taking pictures that scale for holistic work, numeracy based on discoveries, math stories, games and a language programme that is unique and guarantees success. It’s smashing!

I call them the “Magic Box” Series, as really the effect on children will be magical !

I want to take it straight to parents. With the books, the entire year’s curriculum is in the parents’ hands. No more sporadic work-intensive worksheets. What’s more, I plan to do a course for parents called the ‘Pre- Primary Parent Patshala’. Transparency and sharing are the only way forward. As author and creator, I will train parents on how to use these books with their children. Our children deserve the best to preserve their natural genius.

So, if you have children between the ages 3 and 6 do write to us about your interest in all this. My training programmes, legendary for their effectiveness and value for money, will be for 4 months. We want our kids to shine at the end of the 3 years and truly realize those promises made in the NEP 2020. Foundation Right, Future Bright is our motto!

Buy a set for yourself from our website  or from Amazon or Flipkart. Type ‘Usha Pandit Pre Primary books’ in the search box and you will find them. You will also be able to see some sample pages. They are wonderfully inexpensive. Gift them to kids who are starting life. Let them have the edge and be proper 21st Century champions.

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