CBSE Grade 10 & 12 – The Mindsprings English Teacher

Usha Pandit has recently posted a couple of videos on  The Mindsprings English Teacher YouTube channel, which are extremely useful for students in Grade 10 or 12.  Please view them, subscribe to the YouTube channel and also share these valuable resources with your classmates.
CBSE Grade 10 playlist –
CBSE Grade 12 playlist –
If you want certain topics in English subject in Grade 10 or 12 to be explained by Usha Pandit, you may write them down in the comment section of those YouTube videos.

Online Courses

Online Course 3
Currently, we have 2 online courses running simultaneously.
1) We have just started “Pre-primary training cum curriculum advisory program “
It is a free introductory training course for using our Pre-Primary books for teachers nominated by schools
Starting Date – 15th Feb, 2021
Ending Date – 3rd March, 2021
2) The second batch of Online Grammar Course “Learn the Complexities of Grammar” started on 23rd Jan, with over 120 participants.
The programme will run for six sessions, every Saturday, 4 pm to 5 30pm.
Online Courses conducted by Mindsprings so far:
1) Creative Writing for Primary and Secondary Teachers – 3 Batches
2) Learn the Complexities of Grammar – 2 Batches
3) Pre-Primary Parent Pathshala (parents with children ages 3+, 4+ and 5+) – 1 Batch