Language with Ease Answer Keys – Available on Kindle

Mindsprings books
Each Language with Ease book has exercises for every day of the week for 20 weeks that the students should attempt on their own. 
These exercises reinforce and consolidate their learning of key concepts in the book.
Answer Keys to these exercises for Grade 1 to 7 are now available for purchase on Kindle.
How to buy and read e-books on Kindle (Reference video) – click here



CBSE Grade 10 & 12 – The Mindsprings English Teacher

Usha Pandit has recently posted a couple of videos on  The Mindsprings English Teacher YouTube channel, which are extremely useful for students in Grade 10 or 12.  Please view them, subscribe to the YouTube channel and also share these valuable resources with your classmates.
CBSE Grade 10 playlist –
CBSE Grade 12 playlist –
If you want certain topics in English subject in Grade 10 or 12 to be explained by Usha Pandit, you may write them down in the comment section of those YouTube videos.