Launching Mindsprings Pre-primary books

Launching Mindsprings Pre-primary books

Mindsprings Publishing LLP is proud and pleased to announce the development of a holistic and integrated Pre-primary curriculum along the National Education Policy 2019 guidelines. We have incorporated contemporary early STEM skills, put in critical thinking, multi- dimensional, child-friendly tasks and experiential learning for pre-primary children. We have maintained our respect for brain readiness in the unique Pre-Primary child to make him/her school ready socially and emotionally. Experiential learning, stories for critical thinking and poems and rhymes for a reading programme, numeracy and logic, oral skills, talking stories with the alphabet, make urge pre-primary series unique! Exposure to integrated science, environment and culture justify why this series is eagerly waited.

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  • NURSERY– Art & Construction


  • NURSERY – Talking tales


  • NURSERY – Stories for Critical Thinking


  • JUNIOR KGNumeracy and Logic Programme


  • JUNIOR KGTalking Tales


  • JUNIOR KG – English Vocabulary & Literacy Programme



  • SENIOR KGEnvironment, Culture & Science


  • SENIOR KGTalking Tales


  • SENIOR KG – English Vocabulary & Literacy Programme