* What is the programme about? *

The Pre-Primary Patshala is for parents who need to engage their children  aged 5+ in a good learning programme at a time when they cannot send them to school and are looking to give them an excellent foundation for the future.

The programme uses Pre-Primary Books for 5+  children written by Usha Pandit, the Programme Director.

The syllabus contains English, Numeracy, Math, Science, Art and Construction, Stories for critical thinking, a unique Oral Skills for fluency book for speaking skills, a successful Sight word progamme for reading skills . This programme can be done to supplement any other programme the child is currently doing. The books are based on NEP and its requirements, and also on the international progressive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities. This gives you tomorrow’s curriculum today!

It is mandatory to use our book series in this Patshala, as it is tailored specifically to show parents how to use the books most effectively.

Our Helpline Number – 810 478 3119

* Why do we need this programme?  *

Small children have lost school time completely. They are unable to engage for a long time with teachers on screen. The learning time is therefore, cut drastically.  This programme helps parents to engage the children for several relaxed small sessions at home using methods that are enjoyable, natural and educational to give them an unmatched foundation.  The entire syllabus is available to the parent in the form of 8 books for various subjects that are integrated, which is very empowering.

* Who is it for? *

It is essentially meant for parents and home-schooling parents who intend to support their child. It can also be attended by teachers and entrepreneurs who want to start teaching our series in their schools.  Participant parents should know how to read English, and speak some English as well.


* What will be the outcome? *

This course will help you, the parent(s), to:

1. Understand the nature and needs of the child and help you to nurture him/her in the best possible way.

2. Take you through our philosophy of learning, and through the 8 books by demonstrating how they can be worked with.

3. Give you the know-how to help your child use a variety of resources like games, stories, discussions, songs, materials, actions, and viewing materials to create a learning world of discovery, knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity.

4. Give you unique resources for speech fluency, how to teach an excellent sight reading programme, and use a much needed critical thinking skills story book.

5. Give you several resources in the form of sites, questions, additional ideas and readings and viewing materials on a variety of child-related literature to help in parenting and teaching.

6. Show you how to time table and pace the programme to the needs of your child

* What other support is available? *

1. Enable you to be part of a supportive WhatsApp community of pre-primary parents under a mentor to query, showcase ideas, share concerns and seek help. We encourage parent sharing.

2. You can clear your doubts and be assured of help. In addition, you can write to our email id for any special concern you may have.

3. We will mainly use English to communicate, but we are happy to use Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam and Gujarati whenever needed, to help some parents understand some concepts.  

 * What is the price? *

The fee for the Parent Patshala, comprising of 6 online sessions, is Rs.2000 plus GST (18%). In addition, the participant has to purchase the set of 8 books which contains the syllabus. The price for full set of 8 books for 5+ is Rs 1599/-

Payment of the course fee and purchase of the books can be done through our website www.mindsprings.in

Those who attend all the 6 online sessions, will get a Certificate of Participation.