How to be a successful Primary Creative Writing Teacher

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Candidates will use both synchronous contact time (In-Person Online Class)  and asynchronous non-contact learning time (watching videos, reading texts, using tools, and working on exercises in your own time),

It will attract a fee of  1999/- (incl. GST)  per candidate to be paid in advance. No refunds.

You will be given a  participation certificate  and a transcript of topics you have attended . Assignments will be set and must be emailed back to us.

Answers and solutions will be provided.

Each session will have Question and Answer time towards the end.

Common problems will be discussed in a final session at the end of the course, or comments will be emailed to you.

Who is it for?

This course is for all primary teachers, subject coordinators, teachers of creative writing and English HODs who want to learn how to teach their students grades 2 – 5 for holistic skills in writing. Home schooling parents are also welcome.

Helpline Number 810 478 3119

Note –

1. You must download Zoom and have a good internet connection at your end.

2. You must be on time and be present through the session.

3. There will be no refunds and there will be no make up sessions.

4. You will be sent notes. You will send assignments on email .

5. Feedback on concerns will be sent through email to the group.

6. You will be given a certificate of participation and a transcript of the topics you have worked on.

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Testimonials – 

I enjoyed the learning. I wish some teacher had taught me all this when I was in school. Not an English honours person, I am learning about some of these details now. Very well organised and carefully curated information and concepts brought to us in the lucid manner that is quintessentially Mrs Pandit. Thank you for the claritySushmita Ganguly, Headmistress, Cathedral & John Connon School

Absolutely astonishing. I have attended 100s of workshops in my life, none is as systematised as yours. I would rate you as number one teacher in the world.Hema J Chandra, Authorised Jolly Phonics Trainer with Jolly Learning ,UK. Principal director with Word Masti Phonics & Grammar Institute.

I am truly enjoying the training. It gets me thinking differently. The assignments are an eye opener in a good way. I find the assignments challenging and motivating. An amazing learning experience that goes beyond my wildest expectation of what an online workshop could be. Sandhya Malik, The Shri Ram School, Delhi

The non-fiction genre is something that I have always disliked, as a student and as a teacher. Probably because I always found it ‘hard’. I wasn’t even looking forward for this paper, infact I was dreading it, especially the assignment. But, you have made it so simple to understand, that now it seems I can manage, if not excel.

I will be able to teach this genre in a much better way now that I have understood it better myself. You make the most complex things look so simple. That is the mark of a great teacher. Deep gratitude – Shraddha Goyal, Little Angels International School, Mumbai

The content of Paper 4 was systematically explained from one genre to the next. The structure, requirements and vocabulary for each genre were explained lucidly. There was more clarity with the examples that were given, and the notes really helped. Thank you so much for sharing them.

I especially enjoyed learning about the ideation techniques which will be very useful and provide a ready reckoner for writing under these genres. Thank you. – Shruti Mathur, The Shri Ram School, Delhi

This paper has been a really interesting one. It has really help me gain clarity on writing non fiction and its big genres which was a complicated topic for me.

The cherry on the cake is the speaker Mrs.Pandit’s guidance and teaching which help us connect to the intricate and most complicated topics in the simplest way. It is surely going to improve my teaching style and is largely going to be beneficial to my students. Hawwa Kanchwala, MSB Educational Institute

Excellent content, very useful genres. Speaker: Very comprehensive as always. Benefits: Will be very useful for my class. Thank you Mrs Pandit.Kavita Dholakia, Librarian, Cathedral Junior School

Indeed The techniques that I have learnt through this course have given me ideas on ways to steer my students’ writing skills. The emphasis on leading the learners into writing through a step by step process, I know I can do a much better job at engaging my students when i see them again in school.

However, I observe that the responses I have been receiving from my students in online sessions, ever since I started using the prompts shared at this course, have been a treat to read.  am glad I took up this course that made my Saturdays productive. Anjum Panna, Content Creator, Pragnya Bodhini High School.

I am really delightful to share my experience with the online creative writing course both for primary as well as secondary. The course has given me an insight of different ideation techniques to be practiced in the class with students. I am overwhelmed with the content taught in the course. I am thankful to Usha ma’am for giving this platform and sharing her thoughts  about the subject matter with different examples. Niharika Khanna, Lancer’s Convent Senior Secondary School, Delhi

  • Session 1. The bare bones and tools of creative writing

    This session gives you an overview of creative writing for the primary classes. We look at the main elements of writing and how to build them. Ideation. Tools of writing – media, reading, viewing, authentic materials, writing trails from comprehension. Structure caution (past tense, passive voice, indirect speech) and vocabulary building.

  • Session 2. Writing effective description

    In this session, we do description in detail. We focus on teaching strategies that are easy and doable to create wonderful settings, characters and events. Paragraph writing will be practiced.

  • Session 3. Writing fiction

    In this session, you will learn how to teach story writing narrative and imaginative genre. You will learn how to use the 5 basic elements of a story and how to teach planning and writing. You will be given strategies to achieve success.

  • Session 4. Writing non-fiction

    In this session, we introduce the formats and requirements of the succinct genres with topics that children will enjoy writing. How to introduce the basics of Discussion, debate, report, persuasion to children in the primary grades.

  • Session 5. Autobiography and letter writing

    In this session, we focus on two pieces of writing that are mandatory in primary schools. The friendly letter and the autobiography as forms. Requirements of these forms and how to motivate children to write good ones.

  • Session 6. Common Errors

    In this session, we look at common errors that students make and how to correct them. Self, peer, teacher corrections. Rubrics and criteria of success. Formative and Summative assessments. Evaluation and reporting of writing.


User Avatar Usha Pandit

Usha Pandit is an academic consultant, author, teacher trainer, and champion of gifted education. She has over thirty years of teaching experience across four countries (India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Indonesia), and has a deep understanding of the educational needs of students from a range of cultures and age groups. Her academic background is in English and Education. She has Master degrees in both from India, and Certifications from UK, and New Zealand. She has authored the English textbook series ‘Empowering English’ for Grades 1 to 8, a writing resource book ‘Writing with Ease’, a grammar reference book for juniors ‘Grammar with Ease’ and a revolutionary series in language learning ‘Language with Ease’ for Grades 1 to 7. These publications have been acclaimed by educators and teachers as unique and highly effective. They have been taught in nearly a hundred leading schools in the country.
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