Learn The Complexities of Grammar with Usha Pandit

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Who is it for?

The online course is for anyone interested in deepening and strengthening their knowledge of English Grammar. Ideally suited for English teachers. Knowledge of basic primary level grammar is necessary to get the most out of this course.

Course Structure

The online course will have 6 sessions covering 6 modules. Each module will have 3 parts:

    1. Pre reading / viewing list:  given in advance to learn asynchronously
    2. Session: Teaching of course content. Clarification of persistent common doubts. Question and Answer time.
    3. Practice sheets and answer keys: Notes on session to read. Exercises with answers provided to self-correct. Send in doubts on WhatsApp group for peer/ mentor correction, and feed into next session’s teaching.

Participants attending all the sessions will receive a Certificate of Participation.


    1. Gain superb clarity and deep understanding of all aspects of grammar.
    2. Appreciate the links, relationships and overlaps in various grammatical items.
    3. Experience the use and value of grammar in writing correctly, efficiently, and powerfully..
    4. Guidance to resources on the web and books that will help practice.
    5. A mentor who can be reached out to for consultation and continued direction

Course Fees

The fees for the course of 6 sessions is Rs.2950 (including GST).

Participants have the option of buying our books to help with the course.  These are ’Grammar with Ease’ and ‘Language with Ease Book 5, 6, & 7’ by Usha Pandit as they contain extra exercises. This is voluntary and optional.

Helpline Number – 810 478 3119


How to enroll –   

1. If you are a new customer, you need to register first. To register,  click here 

2. After registering, click on ‘Online Courses’ and select the course ‘Learn The Complexities of Grammar with Usha Pandit’.

3. Click ‘Add to Cart’ button. Then click ‘View Cart’

4. After reviewing the product and price, click ‘Proceed to Checkout’

5. After filling your billing details, click ‘PLACE ORDER’

6. You will be taken to payment gateway page where you can select your preferred mode of payment.

7. After successful payment transaction, you will get enrolled in.

How to Enroll | Step-by-step instructions (Video Tutorial) –




Usha Pandit Usha Pandit

Usha Pandit is a teacher of 30+ years academic experience from K-12. She is the author of 40 books of which the 8 grammar books are used in mainstream schools. Usha has a Masters degrees in English and Education, and a TEFLA from Cambridge. She has taught in 4 countries, is a curriculum expert, and has been an academic consultant to top schools in India. She is a much sought-after teacher trainer, and a champion of gifted education. There are 87 YouTube videos available on her channel “The Mindsprings English Teacher” of which the on grammar videos are the most popular.
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5 Replies to “Learn The Complexities of Grammar with Usha Pandit”

  1. Dear Ms Pandit,
    I will certainly join the course but have a request to make here.During my last course l faced connectivity issues and lost you in between the session.I did receive notes but it didn’t do justice with the loss.Can l request you to share PPT or recordings ? Moreover it’s been five months since l took the course but l keep visiting the screenshots l took during the session.l hope you understand what l mean.The recordings or Slides become our life time resource.
    Anila Verma

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