Primary Creative Writing – TRIAL

3 students

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  • Session 1. The bare bones and tools of creative writing

    This session gives you an overview of creative writing for the primary classes. We look at the main elements of writing and how to build them. Ideation. Tools of writing – media, reading, viewing, authentic materials, writing trails from comprehension. Structure caution (past tense, passive voice, indirect speech) and vocabulary building.

  • Session 2. Writing effective description

    In this session, we do description in detail. We focus on teaching strategies that are easy and doable to create wonderful settings, characters and events. Paragraph writing will be practiced.


Usha Pandit Usha Pandit

Usha Pandit is a teacher of 30+ years academic experience from K-12. She is the author of 40 books of which the 8 grammar books are used in mainstream schools. Usha has a Masters degrees in English and Education, and a TEFLA from Cambridge. She has taught in 4 countries, is a curriculum expert, and has been an academic consultant to top schools in India. She is a much sought-after teacher trainer, and a champion of gifted education. There are 87 YouTube videos available on her channel “The Mindsprings English Teacher” of which the on grammar videos are the most popular.

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