Mindsprings Online Certificate Courses

Mindsprings conducts online Certificate Courses covering a range of topics that enrich a teacher’s capability to teach English to students.

We recently conducted three batches of Certificate Course on “Teaching Creative Writing to Primary / Secondary students”. About 600 teachers attended these courses.

Currently, Certificate Courses on “Teaching Pre-Primary Students with ‘Magic Box’ Pre-Primary Books” and “Learn the Complexities of English Grammar” are underway.

Usha Pandit, who has over three decades of teaching experience, has been conducting teacher training classes for over 15 years.


Testimonials – 

I enjoyed the learning. I wish some teacher had taught me all this when I was in school. Not an English honours person, I am learning about some of these details now. Very well organised and carefully curated information and concepts brought to us in the lucid manner that is quintessentially Mrs Pandit. Thank you for the clarity Sushmita Ganguly, Headmistress, Cathedral & John Connon School

The speaker (Usha Pandit) is clear with content, style of delivery, setting expectations and maintaining course standards and rigour, so that the pace is maintained. Asha Narayanan, Principal, Lodha World School, Thane

Everything that is taken in the course is now being used in our online classes. We did icons in classes 5,6,7,8 that was taught in secondary workshop ,the students were super happy and excited with the topic. Madhuri Kasbe, Principal, St. Lawrence High School and Junior College

The 2nd module was structured with a lot of thought just like the descriptive pyramid. Few concepts like the positive, neutral and negative descriptions (using the same scenario) was new to me.
I learnt the value of observation, brilliant words and the amazing power they lend to inference. The sequence of layering was clear. The link between the learnings in the modules, pre-readings and viewings drive home several teaching points
Pooja Thakur, Principal, The Shri Ram School

I loved the pre-readings because they were rigorous, diverse and worked on improving my own ideation as a writer, as well as increasing my exposure to new teaching strategies. I particularly enjoyed the strategies of freewriting, mind storming and semantic intuition in the first article, and the overview that Usha’s video provided. The session with Usha was clear and informative, and I enjoyed parts of this assignment very much. Vidushi Chaudhry, International Community School, USA