Testimonials (How to teach Creative Writing)


“I enjoyed the learning. I wish some teacher had taught me all this when I was in school. Not an English honours person, I am learning about some of these details now. Very well organised and carefully curated information and concepts brought to us in the lucid manner that is quintessentially Mrs Pandit. Thank you for the clarity” – Sushmita Ganguly, Headmistress, Cathedral & John Connon School

“Everything that is taken in the course is now being used in our online classes. We did icons in classes 5,6,7,8 that was taught in secondary creative writing workshop ,the students were super happy and excited with the topic.” Madhuri Kasbe, Headmistress, St. Lawrence High School and Jr. College

“The creative writing course taken by Ms Usha Pandit is not only helpful in terms of content but also gives us valuable resources to teach as well as assess our students.  The feedback she gives us is a model which we as teachers can follow to give relevant and pertinent feedback. An extremely enriching and enlightening experience.” Shan Ara Khan, City Montessori School, Lucknow 

“Absolutely astonishing. I have attended 100s of workshops in my life, none is as systematised as yours. I would rate you as number one teacher in the world.” – Hema J Chandra, Authorised Jolly Phonics Trainer with Jolly Learning ,UK. Principal director with Word Masti Phonics & Grammar Institute. 

“The content, though vast has been covered well. The notes complement the actual class and together provide an invaluable resource. The practice needed to obtain a certain mastery over these will take time. But it has surely leant the confidence to take it up with students in the prescribed way. At the risk of being repetitive, I would still like to add that the pre-readings and viewings are extremely helpful and set the tone for the class. I’m extremely glad that I opted for the course as it is helping me in reinforcing all that I already knew and teaching me much more. A big thank you!” – Ritu Sikka, The Heritage School, Delhi 

Testimonials (Learning the Complexities of Grammar)


“The course materials are very well developed and included everything that is needed. Mrs. Pandit could present difficult topics in an understandable way, omitting confusing details. Definitely in a better position today in identifying gerunds and participles which used to give me nightmares. Thanks for all the support and guidance.”  Sonali Gaur, Indian Language School, Nigeria

“I really liked the way few topics were made simple using acronyms like DOSASCOMP and FANBOYS. The nesting technique is also a very good strategy to understand the topic better” Bhakti Shroff , Cathedral & John Connon

“My understanding on the difference between adjectival and adverbials prepositions and correlatives has increased. Right from the first session understanding the difference between clauses and phrases and the questions to be asked to identify the different types of phrases was very helpful. The technique of reduce, substitute and split is amazing. I love all your YouTube videos, whenever in doubt I go and watch them again and it makes things simpler.”  Rene Pereira, Bombay Scottish School 

“I particularly liked the way uses of bare infinitives and how to differentiate them from the verbs was so painstaking enumerated. I am also grateful for the manner in which the 4 steps to work out simple, compound and complex sentences was elucidated. This reinforces my understanding of verbals, tenses, conjunctions and clauses.” Shantala Trasikar, Hill Spring International School

“I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation to respected Ms Usha Pandit for the effort that she has exerted in preparing the awe-inspiring course. The course was an eye-opener to the complexities of English Grammar. The course gave me an understanding of not only all that I already knew, but also all that I don’t. The resounding message for me is, I have a long way to go.” Sandhya Malik, The Shri Ram School, Delhi

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