Sushmita Ganguly

I enjoyed the learning. I wish some teacher had taught me all this when I was in school. Not an English honours person, I am learning about some of these details now. Very well organised and carefully curated information and concepts brought to us in the lucid manner that is quintessentially Mrs Pandit. Thank you for the clarity 

Nidhi Shankar

I am teaching in Shri Ram Swaroop memorial public school, Lucknow.  This session onwards,have started using your book ‘Empowering English ‘from classes 1-8.
My experience makes me to share this with you that students in general findreading English literature and language books a mundane task that is forced upon them in order to clear exams and pass from 1 class to another. I know as English teachers,we have moments of disillusionment when we realise that not everyone is a book nerd and that our students do not actually feel the same passion for Sarojini Naidu,Robert frost,William Shakespeare that we do. But your book ‘Empowering English ‘ has changed this thinking of mine. This book ‘Empowering English ‘ is quite different, interesting and influential from others. 
While teaching during the class,I’ve noticed my students feeling…those paragraphs in the chapters make them laugh out loud,shed a tear,feel anxious or scared or sad for someone ‘s plight, worried and rejoice. This shows and proves that they are not only involving themselves but also understanding the things that are being taught. In case of language,  after the lectures are delivered and activities are discussed and completed,a positive change is seen in their language both in terms of conversation and writing.
So, would say that your book is solving our purpose and proves to be powerful. It’s an effective tool that is helping us to cater to the needs of our students and making them better by each passing day. It is making our job easy.

Shweta Rastogi

EMPOWERING ENGLISH – The book abounds in interesting stories with excellent vocabulary. Kids love them. It  helps them broaden their perspective and give wings to their imagination. The stories also help them in developing basic desirable qualities like sympathy, empathy, and cooperation. It builds up sound vocabulary, promotes critical thinking and creativity through activities. The class is engaged, interactive, and gets opportunities to  integrate other subjects. 
LANGUAGE WITH EASE – Generally, grammar is supposed to be the most boring subject, as it involves rules and  concepts, but this book has made the learning of grammar very interesting. <
My kids look forward to having grammar classes as they are very interactive and children find it rewarding if all their answers are correct. Even the slowest learner can grasp the toughest concept, as it does not involve mugging up the rule, instead,  it progressively  teaches using daily exercises, done briefly. Concept acquisition of flawless grammar comes to kids naturally with this system. They will remember it throughout their lives.  
As an English Language teacher, I would strongly recommend this book to help the kids become grammatically sound.

Sunita Swaraj

Mindsprings has facilitated in building confidence and overall development of our students, parents and the teachers. The content gives practical insights to the students by helping them to comprehend and communicate in a better way with highly improved vocabulary. The course has tremendously pushed all of us to stretch and has undoubtedly helped improve the life of our students. The transition of students from other texts to Empowering English had not been easy. Constant Handholding and training sessions by Usha has smoothened the entire process, with time we all understood the thought behind various books published by Mind springs. We have Witnessed a positive impact of Writing with Ease, Empowering English , Language with Ease and Grammar with Ease in our school which has brought in a real  understanding and meaningful learning in our institution. The students have improved remarkably in their communication skills and are more confident at various competitions and events. It has been an amazing learning experience for both the faculty as well as the students.