Testimonials – Secondary Teachers

The content, though vast has been covered well. The notes complement the actual class and together provide an invaluable resource. The practice needed to obtain a certain mastery over these will take time. But it has surely leant the confidence to take it up with students in the prescribed way. At the risk of being repetitive, I would still like to add that the pre-readings and viewings are extremely helpful and set the tone for the class. I’m extremely glad that I opted for the course as it is helping me in reinforcing all that I already knew and teaching me much more. A big thank you!Ritu Sikka, The Heritage School, Delhi

I am really delightful to share my experience with the online creative writing course both for primary as well as secondary. The course has given me an insight of different ideation techniques to be practiced in the class with students. I am overwhelmed with the content taught in the course. I am thankful to Usha ma’am for giving this platform and sharing her thoughts  about the subject matter with different examples. Niharika Khanna, Lancer’s Convent Senior Secondary School, Delhi

I am grateful to Ms. Usha Pandit for apprising us to such insightful ideas to teach effective creative writing at secondary level. The techniques & ideas for writing Non-Fiction are wonderful and surely would help our learners for their journey ahead. Sonam Gabrani, The Heritage School, Delhi

The content of pre-readings and pre- viewing is very helpful. Great program- really well organized, with plenty of detail in each section. All the concepts were taught in-depth and made all the sessions insightful. The speaker is a fabulous lecturer with a great knowledge of the subject. It helped me enhance my vocabulary and knowledge on different types of writings. I will definitely implement the acquired knowledge in my regular teaching learning process. Also, I believe that it would help me establish a better rapport with my students. Puneet Arora, Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur

Relatable content, strategies for the diverse population seen in inclusive classrooms and a wide range of resources for the ease of teaching. A masterclass as always –  Sandeepa Dhamankar, Special Educator, Mumbai

The content is useful not only to teach students but also in our day to day life. The concept is handled with in depth knowledge. The notes brought a better clarity in each genre of writing handled. The speaker, Mrs Usha Pandit, is an ocean of knowledge and always open to questions and queries. She is supportive and guides everyone selflessly. These genres are beneficial in all aspects of life.Disha Mehta, Swami Vivekanand International School & Jr College, Mumbai

Amazing techniques. The teaching is unique never learnt in this way beforeReshma Jhamtani, Vini Classes, Ulhasnagar

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