Empowering English Text Book Class 7 is a part of Empowering English series that offers a superior curriculum to cater to the holistic development of the English language for children from grades 1 to 8. Along with the series ‘Language with Ease’, Empowering English Text Book series offers a complete system of skills development in language, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The Empowering English Text Book series teaches skills in addition to traditional prose and poetry. A skill, once learned, can be used in a variety of tasks, for life, thereby making the learner fully independent. The books are beautifully layered as important skills are revisited and used every year. They are also scaled, such that each year there is a gentle progression in the skills to create greater proficiency. The material is child-friendly, encourages thinking, and makes foundational concepts permanent. The series unfailingly makes children ready to take on the challenges of high school without any gaps in learning.

The Empowering English Text books are used in the highest IB World Schools in the country, as also in disadvantaged State Board schools in humble and remote areas in cities, and by all the other Boards in between. English as a subject is about spoken and written competence demonstrated by all learners irrespective of communities or Boards.

The scope of learning in each grade contains
a) recognition of features through study
b) introduction to new skills and tools
c) tasks to be done by the students
d) revisits of learning from previous years
e) discussions and debates on a variety of topics and
f) structural skills.

Schools subscribing to Empowering English Text Book Series , are provided with free teacher manuals that have complete lesson plans on how to teach skills, answers to questions, points of debate and discussions, and help with assessments. The teacher is expected to grow as a professional and imbibe the best international practices teaching with this curriculum. Our Helpline Number – 8104783119