It’s about how we try to give back to community, work with underprivileged children, boost academic and holistic achievement

Mindsprings in association with TATA Hospital committed to providing a rich learning experience for cancer inflicted children so that their journey as learners continues in hospital. The objective of this program is to help children develop and maintain academic skills. Participating in the familiar activities of school helps children cope by reducing the stress of hospitalization. We strive to achieve this through stories, songs, rhymes and activities designed to stimulate imagination and language development. We work in the OPD (outpatient department) for 2 hours and in the Wards for one hour in the mornings. We have our sessions planned out across three verticals – Numeracy, Literacy and Art for different age groups (Pre-primary / Primary / Middle School). Children from all over the country come to the hospital and ages range from 6 to 15 years. A counselor and a data manager also work to provide support and information for the children and their parents.

Over the year the programme has been a runaway success where attendance has crossed all expectations. We are now working on standardizing, documenting and tracking the progress of children who are able to sustain their engagement with us over a period of time as this will also feed into the academic of how a healthy mind alters the healing process in an ailing body. We are considering 360-degree support of these children even after they go back to their schools. The programme is supported by the IMPACT Foundation and receive financial support from CSR funds.