Writing With Ease – Writing Skills, Creative Writing In English

Essential book for improving writing skills and creative writing in English

Writing with Ease is a unique resource book that helps you improve your writing skills and gives you a complete range of writing strategies, creative writing skills and word lists in English. It contains processes on writing for a variety of genres, clear how-to-write strategies, exhaustive word-lists and guidelines for creative writing in English. Students can use the book all through their school and college years. It is an excellent teaching tool for teachers. It makes a wonderful gift. In fact, anyone who desires to write better in English should possess Writing with Ease.

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Writing with Ease is an excellent lifetime resource and reference book for school and college students, for improving writing skills and creative writing in English. Its use will span several generations like a dictionary that makes it an excellent one time buy. It makes a great gift.

  • It shows you how to write in English in various genres using conventions, features, target vocabulary that is demonstrated for you with examples
  • It is a ready reference book that substitutes bulky hard-to-use thesaurus.  Word-lists and synonyms for replacing common and boring words with powerful, effective words can be  learnt and used instantly for better vocabulary in speech and writing in English
  • You can ace your English literature paper with literary appreciation techniques, literary language, poetry devices, and drama notes
  • Explains Latin words, expressions, idioms, mythical allusions, biblical references and Shakespearean language
  • Shows you how to write formal letters, reports, minutes, and autobiographies
  • Demonstrates the use of prefixes and suffixes, grammar and punctuation
  • Develop creative writing skills
  • It is an excellent English language teaching resource for running effective flipped classrooms
  • It comes at an affordable price of Rs. 699/-  for a 370 page unique book

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