Develop English language Skills for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

‘Language with Ease’ is a highly successful, pathbreaking language enhancing series that makes grammar permanent, builds excellent vocabulary, enables the practice of oral skills for fluency. Students understand the inner engineering of language which transfers successfully in empowering their own writing. Thus, the study of grammar effortlessly flows into good writing and aids fluent speech.

The series works on the principle of frequency by using a sentence a day to practice skills. Revisits of grammatical items are maintained for a few years, quite naturally and incidentally, where they are repeated in successive sentences. The class is active and highly participatory with students speaking about, and listening to grammar items they learn every day with new sentences. Learning happens naturally and permanently, and no child is left behind. We recommend this exercise for not more than 15 minutes a day.

Parents, teachers, and schools who have used this revolutionary system efficiently have been ecstatic about the impact of the book on the proficiencies in speech and writing of their children in general and of grammar acquisition in particular.